Wittgenstein on Vacation
Marianne Bredesen, Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas
and Siri Hjorth
Published by KORO (URO) 2020
Design by Michael Hare
ISBN: 978-82-303-4773-7

In 2015 artists Marianne Bredesen, Sebastian Kjølaas and Siri Hjorth
threw an all-expenses-paid vacation to bring fellow Oslo residents to
the ruin of ‘Little Austria’, which had once been the Austrian philosopher
Ludwig Wittgenstein’s vacation home in Skjolden, Sogn og Fjordane.
Three years later they erected a monument to the reclusive thinker.
A giant — in lack of a suitable word — ‘mouth-hand’. This book is a travel
guide of sorts, with contributions by curator Ana María Bresciani
and Dieter Roelstraete.