Galleri Godteri, exhibition space (2009). Photographer: Martin Johansen

2009 – 2011
 GAGO (Galleri Godteri)
Oslo (NO)

At GAGO, located in one of the oldest candy factory’s in Norway,
the desires of bourgeois consumer culture was personified.
The pictorial language of consumerism was distilled into fine art.
Instead of being primarily concerned with providing a space to
show works of art in the most neutral way, we made it evident
that surroundings and social setting is more than a prominent
part of any visual representation. The gallery white cube, the
impersonal, clinical art-space that is embraced by the
contemporary art world, gives the illusion that art should be seen
in a sterile environment, not contaminated by the outside world.
In the 1960’s a group of British scientists did an experiment.
They put a 4-year-old in a room with a marshmallow. They then
left the room, promising the child one more marshmallow, if he
could wait to eat it for 15 minutes. This experiment was tried out
all over the world, and always with the same result; Only one out
of three waited for the extra marshmallow. With this in mind we
made GAGO a gallery for instant satisfaction. As a marshmallow,
we’re not refined, only momentarily desirable.

Founded by Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas,
Morten Ising Siri Hjorth Can Bora Lundby
and Martin Johannsen.

Galleri Godteri, exhibition space (2009). Photographer: Martin Johansen

Nr 9 Presents Galleri Godteri, Vilde von Krogh (2009). Photographer: Martin Johansen