["om tørre ting"]
 Hammerfest Kunstforening 24. september - 9. oktober 2016
 Eidsberg Kunstforening 14. januar - 5. februar 2017
 Volda Ørsta Kunstlag 18. februar - 12. mars 2017
 Haugesund Kunstforening 31. mars - 21. mai 2017
 Trondhjems Kunstforening 1.juni - 25. juni 2017
Studio Hugo Opdal
Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas, Niklas Mintorovitch, 
Mari Oseland, Fabian Scmidt, 
Ingrid Johanne Torvund, Rannveig Funderud 
Curated by Martin Schreiner
Flø (NO) 2016
Gallery Beat Berlin
 A satellite of the original gallerybeat tv founded by Paul Hasegawa-Overbacker, 
Walter Robinson and Cathy Lebowitz.
Kunsthaus KULE, Berlin (DE) 2016
Wittgenstein on Vacation, Part II
 Lecture and performance, Christian Augusts gate 23, 8th floor,
 in collaboration with KORO, Oslo (NO) 2016
Statens 128. kunstutstilling, Oslo (NO) 2015
Wittgenstein on Vacation, Part I, Little Austria, 
Skjolden, Luster Kommune, Sogn og Fjordane (NO) 2015
 In collaboration with Marianne Bredesen and Siri Hjorth.
 Supported by  KORO (URO)


Om tørre ting

September 26th, 2016
Om tørre ting I
Hammerfest Kunstforening
(NO) 2016



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The Institute of Art and Crime

May 14th, 2014
The Institute of Art and Crime
 Kunstnernes Hus,
 Oslo (NO) 2014
 Exhibition and book launch
Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas / Donny Johnson / Eric Gill / Elmyr de Hory / Mom & Jerry / Siri Hjorth / Constance Tenvik / 
Photo: Karoline Hjorth

Don’t worry, it’s a bad, bad world, be happy.

DONNY JOHNSON – Born 1960, abstract painter. Incarcerated after killing a man and then attacking a prison guard. Now serving three life sentences at the Pelican Bay State Prison in California, where he’s subjected to 23 hour lock down in a solitary cell with no windows. Represented by four paintings on postcards provided by Stephen Kurtz, which is responsible for Donny Johnson’s collection. The paintings are made with the coating of M&M’s, water, and a paintbrush made of Johnson’s own heir, as there is strict regulations for what he’s allowed to keep in his cell. Johnson has stated that without his paintings, he would kill himself. Paintings: (1) Flight (2) Spiral (3) Bird of Paradise (4) Me neither.

ELMYR de HORY – born 1905, was a famous Hungarian forger. Lived in France, Mexico and Ibiza before committing suicide in 1976, fearing incarceration after his massive forging enterprise started to crumble. He mainly forged Picasso, Renoir, Matisse and Modigliani. He is one of the main protagonists in Orson Wells film F for Fake. Represented by A preliminary sketch for a forgery of Modigliani, (1968), provided by Anne-Laure Baudoin, a Paris based collector. Pencil on paper.

ERIC GILL – born in 1882, was one of Britain’s most respected artists. His sculpture Prospero & Ariel is to be found in BBC’s Broadcasting House, and the Creation of Adam is in the lobby of Palais des Nations, now the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva. He also created a widely used font, Gill Sans. After his death it was revealed that he had a sexual relationship to his daughters, his sister, and the family dog. Not quite as respected anymore, he has entered the realm of obscurity. Represented by the wood engraving Performer on Stage (1920), made for Ditchling Dramatic Club. Printed on full sheet of cream wove paper, as published in Engravings by Eric Gill, Douglas Cleverdon, Birmingham, England (1929). Unsigned.

SIRI HJORTH – born 1986, live and work in Oslo, Norway, with sculpture, performance, installation and textile. She will showcase a constructed Tableau Vivant in collaboration with Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas which relate to one of the protagonists of the book. It is to be found in the center of the exhibition hall and will mirror a pivotal scene from the narrative. The sculpture is a pastiche of Ernst Barlach’s The Avanger (1914). Barlach was in his youth a war enthusiast, but became a pacifist after the atrocity of World War I. This was the reason why he was exhibited at the infamous Degenerate art exhibition in Germany (1937) organized by Adolf Ziegler and the Nazi Party.

MOM & JERRY – The multi-faceted Mom, and her dirty son Jerry have a passion for art, music, parties, glitter and fashion. In addition to being artists, they consider themselves rebels, outlaws, Djs, living sculptures, talk show hosts, TV personalities, movie stars, and progressive Broadway dancers. Mom and Jerry can be seen as recycling machines in the monstrous, virtual city of garbage. They will showcase the video The world is a cruise (9 min 34 sec, 2014) and a piece titled Line up your fun (2014).

CONSTANCE TENVIK – Born 1990, works with performance, drawing, sculpture and installation. She will for this exhibition showcase a mind map based on the content of the publication and her relation to the process (2014).

SEBASTIAN MAKONNEN KJØLAAS – born 1985, writer and illustrator of the book The Institute of Art and Crime, the organizer of the exhibition and the constructed Tableau Vivant in collaboration with Siri Hjorth.


karoline_hjorth_18The Curator is Dead, Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas and Siri Hjorth, 2014 karoline_hjorth_23The Curator is Dead, Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas and Siri Hjorth, 2014 karoline_hjorth_32The Institute of Art and Crime, Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas and Siri Hjorth, 2014 karoline_hjorth_3Me neither, Donny Johnson, 2011karoline_hjorth_4Bird of Paradise, Donny Johnson, 2012karoline_hjorth_1A preliminary sketch for a forgery of Modigliani, Elmyr de Hory, 1968karoline_hjorth_27 Bach Cello Suite Nr. 3, Malin Mertens, 2014karoline_hjorth_29Performer on Stage, Eric Gill 1920 karoline_hjorth_19

Intitute of Art and Crime (The Artist with the Police)

Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas, The Artist with the Police, Photo: Eva Rosa Hollup

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April 9th, 2014
 Oslo (NO) 2013
 Juleutstilling 2013

sebastianmakonnen kjølaas w

sebastianmakonnenkjølaas z


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Tab Me In the Back

September 6th, 2013
 Oslo (NO) 2013
 Tab Me In the Back
 Photo: Thomas Tveter


Tilbakefall, 2013, steel, print, plaster, 2.41×32.5×24.9 cm


Tilbakefall, 2013, steel, print, plaster, 2.41×32.5×24.9 cm (detail)


Achilles 2013, plast, plastelina, lakk, 6x8x16 cm


Tablå I (berøringsskjerm), 2013, keramikk, 25x10x10 cm

Tablå II (dødtast), 2013, keramikk, 17x23x5 cm

Tablå III (Kidnapped in space), 2013, keramikk, 24x18x6 cm

Tablå IV (Gressklippermannen, 1992), 2012, keramikk, 17x19x6 cm


Tablå V (Nå blir det LAN-party), 2013, keramikk, 24x24x16 cm


Nostalgi var mye bedre før, 2013, keramikk, linoleum, glass, epoxy, 30x19x19 cm


Error 404 ny fane, 2013, keramikk, blekk, lakk, 115.2×58.6×9.3 mm


Sacrificial Hammertime I, 2013, keramikk, 31x15x10 cm


Melancholic Hammertime II, 2013 keramikk, 31x15x10 cm


I fremtiden er det alltid dekning, 2013, gips, keramikk, 23x13x8cm


My little multi-polyopticon looking for his hat, 2013, gips, plast, keramikk, 30x32x10 cm


Foxconn 鴻海科技, 2013, plast, aluminum, linoleum, 155x83x135x19 cm.

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Døden på UKS

May 29th, 2013
One Night Only
 UKS, Oslo, (NO) 2011
 Døden på UKS
Models: Marianne Skjeldal / Elin Sandvik / Jorunn Kjersem Hildre / Marte Reithaug Sterud / Ida Gudbrandsen / Julie Skjønberg / Silje Høgaas / Sigrid Hirsch Kopperdal / Ingjerd Heggem Nergaard / Vilde von Krogh / Hedvig Heggem Nergaard /
Photo: Martin Johansen
Hearse: M. Jacobsens Begravelsesbyrå

11 models, mirroring themselves in a hearse.

99 14 13a10 12 13 06 07 08  0515


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Ariel Between Wisdom and Gaiety

March 14th, 2013
Destroy All Nouns
 Galleri Seilduken 
Oslo (NO) 2012
Art intervention by Lord Chief Justice contra Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas ceramic piece 
Ariel Between Wisdom and Gaiety (2012) named after Eric Gill's carving for BBC Broadcasting House (1932)

In its extreme form, surveillance based on light and visibility is realized in what is called ‘the nightsun’ – a helicopter equipped with a searchlight that is used to oversee suburbs that are expected to be restless (Davis, 1990).What makes visibility so important is ‘fear of darkened spaces’ which are ‘zones of disorder’ (Foucault, 1980: 153) and should not be tolerated since they constitute a threat. Surveillance is used to ‘sanitize’ urban space, to exclude ‘the Other’ in a literal as well as metaphorical sense.‘The deviant’ – such as drunks, junkies, panhandlers, bag-ladies etc. – are the ‘dirt’ of our times and need to be ‘cleaned away’ from public urban space in order to make it more attractive for those who are able to consume (Davis, 1990; Flusty, 1994; Mithell, 1995; Sibley, 1995).‘Visibility is cleanliness: “light” equates with “soap”‘ (Koskela, 2000a: 260).Visibility helps to ensure (social) purity and supports in keeping (social) space clean.

‘Cam Era’ – The Contemporary Urban Panopticon
Hille Koskela, Survaillance & Society (3): 292-313


Lord Chief Justice

sebastian kjølaas98987 7176338223_dcec0e1db5_b7176338693_a1a6363bb4_b


Ariel between Wisdom and Gaiety

Eric Gill’s carving for BBC Broadcasting House (1932)
(Inscription: Obsculta: Listen/Obey)

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Yes We Vatican

February 21st, 2013
Yes We Vatican
Nordic Masters
 Helsinki (FI) 2012
 Organized by ArtShortCut, Nordic Culture Point and World Design Capital
Wood, plaster, epoxy, green LED light.
36x38 cm

yeswevatican03yes we vaticancopy


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3327 TESLA

February 21st, 2013
3327 TESLA
Galleri Darbu
 Oslo, (NO) 2010

An exhibition about Nikola Tesla, the inventor of
radio, radar, wireless technology and over 300 other patents.
He was a virgin all his life, and had a romantic
relationship to a pigeon.

 IMG_0375 IMG_0385 IMG_0388tesla sebastian kjølaas06 IMG_2809

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Next Door Wonderwall

February 21st, 2013
Next Door Wonderwall
Galleri Seilduken
 Oslo, (NO) 2011
 In co-operation with Terje Nicolaisen
Curated by Maria Brinch

08 02


aa copyaa ab  ad


balidonald04 05



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The Crying Game

February 21st, 2013
The Crying Game
Parallellaksjonen, Squid.
Kunsthall Oslo, 
Oslo (NO), 2011

The bottle contains 3 dl tears, collected and distilled into 26 mg salt.


  web06 web07 web09web18WEB12 web10     web03web04WEB11

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With Hair Like Black Ice Cream

February 21st, 2013
1 Timers and 2 Liners
 Youngstorget 4, Oslo 2010
 With Hair Like Black Ice Cream
 Plastelina, wood and textile
Group exhibition with: Monica Whinter / Jan Fredrik Bjerk / Siri Hjorth / Michael Hare / Kjersti Vetterstad / Josefine Lyche / Henrik Pask / Taylor White / Esther Nilsen /
Performance: Markus Moestue
Photo: Karoline Hjorth

 IMG_8166IMG_8159IMG_8162  IMG_8155

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Høstutstillingen 2015

November 12th, 2015

Høstutstillingen, Statens 128. kunstutstilling, Oslo (NO) 2015
Vinner av Norske Kunstforeningers debutantpris 2015

I’m So Oily / A Puzzle Building Muscle (2015) 50×65 cm
Blekk, akvarell, pastell, 300 g papir

Cyber-fun in the Algorithm Gravy / Powerhouse on the Rooftop (2015) 50×65 cm
Blekk, akvarell, pastell, 300 g papir

It’s Mega-personal / Training to Become a Train (2015) 50×65 cm
Blekk, akvarell, pastell, 300 g papir


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Drawings 2015

April 3rd, 2015
In collaboration with Siri Hjorth


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Drawings 2014

April 3rd, 2015
In collaboration with Siri Hjorth


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The Institute of Art and Crime 2014

April 3rd, 2015
The Institute of Art and Crime, 
Torpedo Press, 2014
 123 pages, 66 black and white illustrations, 22 x 28,5 cm, hardcover.
Language: english

0102The InstituteJohn Wayn GacyThe JunkyFake & Stolen Art

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February 21st, 2013

logo aahhaa2

UKS, Oslo (NO) 2013
Gesticulators: Vilde von Krogh, Mikael D. Brkic, Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas

ART ART HISTORY HISTORY AGAIN AGAIN was an open forum for dialectical discussion and interpretation of the historical preconditions for art. During this forum we developed our main tool; a timeline that manifested the discussed history. In the form of a classical symposium the participants was encouraged to actively involve themselves in the material as well as additional resources available at UKS. With the idea of man’s separation from nature, through the Dionysian return via utopian ecstasy, and up to heroic materialism, we presented an eclectic array of narratives and action.

Covering 202 013 years, the symposium was held over three weeks, and culminated in an exhibition at UKS. The participants was assigned to unique artistic eras that they interpreted, both conceptually and stylistically.

Silenus claimed that “It is best not to be born, second best to die young”. Let’s rephrase this to “best is not knowing anything, second best is it to know it all”.

ART ART HISTORY HISTORY AGAIN AGAIN is initiated by Prosjektskolen AS in conjunction with UKS.

Timeline developed by the gesticulators.

Alex Sander Fossøy / Markus Theodor Frossli Sundberg / Runa Gidske / Catrine Constanse Gjelsnes / Luka Grbelja Fischer / Hedda Grevle Ottesen / Ole Henry Halvorsen / Simen Halvorsen Tyse / Lise Hartvigsen / Adrian Hidalgo Nygaard / Kristin Hovde / Ida Aurora Høiklev Ribu / Petter Iversen / Marianne Knutsen / Solveig Aurora Lien Granberg / Eirik Lyster / Caroline Løvhaug Harrison / Morten Magnus / Anne Mari Mork Sletta / Sunniva Nilssen / Alexandra Nordfjeldmark / Live Nornes Westli / Helle Pedersen / Tor Andreas Petterson / Natalie Price Hafslund / Roger Robberstad / Tone Elizabeth Sabro / Liam Seeland / Jan Eric Skevik / Katarina Skår Henriksen / Sebastian Slaatten / Kristin Stangenes / Johannes Per Stockhausen Hektoen / Sigrid Voll Bøyum / Frida Yggeseth

Photo: Jon Benjamin Tallerås



prosjektskolen_05   prosjektskolen_10 prosjektskolen_12 prosjektskolen_06      IMG_3015 IMG_3024 IMG_3042 IMG_3055 IMG_3050

60A 63A 61A

logo aahhaa

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February 21st, 2013
Saltarelli Salong (SALT) 
2011 - 2013
Møllergata 37, Oslo
Run by:
Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas, Jon Magnus Ohren, Siri Hjorth, Morten Ising, Martin Johansen, Vilde von Krogh, Luca Andreotti, Maren Aarbu Titterud, Marianne Bredesen.
Web ansvarlig:
Michael Hare
Martin Johansen

Sandro Steger
Sandro Steger at SALT, 2012

Holdt til i et gass og splintertett rom i Møllergata 37. Med Megazone, kickboksing og Flørt sexbutikk som nærmeste naboer var vi å finne i strøket som tidligere huset Oslos første sosiale boligbygg, stiftet i 1851,  populært kalt “Bolig’n”. Sorgenfri hospits for menn med kjønnssykdommer holdt også til her frem til 1922. Saltarelli Salong er oppkalt etter Jacopo Saltarelli.

Utdrag fra Fredrik Parelius’ “Drift”, prostitusjonsroman, 1928

 ”De kom inn i Storgaten. Gina pekte: “Det er Mangelsgården. Der setter dom inn grisefruentimmer”. De böide av til höire ved  Youngsgaten: “Tukthuset! Og der oppe ser du Råstua (=Møllergt. 19)”.   De gik op Youngsbakken: “Der ligger Sorgenfri, “Fila” dom kaller.   Dit kommer dom på hospital, dom som er fulle ta svineri. Og der, på  den are sia, har du Barselsstiftelsen”.

Saltarelli Salong operate through weekend exhibitions, happenings, screenings, concerts and workshops mainly focused on exhibiting young artists based in Oslo, and named after Jacopo Saltarelli, an apprentice goldsmith and notorious male prostitute who lived in Firenze during the renaissance. In 1476 Leonardo da Vinci was arrested, spending two month in jail, along with several young companions, on the charge of sodomy with the then 17-year-old Jacopo.

Jacopo Saltarelli is now the founder, curator and gallerist of SALT. He was in his own time accused of being ‘party to many wretched affairs and consents to please those persons who request such wickedness of him‘. SALT believes this to be much the same service delivered by the majority of contemporary art.

Cecilie Lind 01Cecilie Lind, 2012Espen T. Samuelsen 02Espen T. Samuelsen, 2012espens T. Samuelsen 01

Geir Backe Altern
Geir Backe Altern, 2012
Tito Frey 01Tito Frey, 2011Tito Frey 02 Tito Frey 03

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September 20th, 2012
 GAGO (Galleri Godteri) 
was a showroom for contemporary art,
 established in 2009 at Kjellands candy factory in Oslo, Norway.
 In cooperation with Morten Ising, Siri Hjorth,
 Can Bora Lundby, Martin Johannsen.

GAGO Manifesta

At GAGO, located in one of the oldest candy factory’s in Norway, the desires of bourgeois consumer culture is personified. The pictorial language of consumerism is distilled into fine art. Instead of being primarily concerned with providing a space to show works of art in the most neutral way, we make it evident that surroundings and social setting is more than a prominent part of any visual representation.

The gallery white cube, the impersonal, clinical art-space that is embraced by the contemporary art world, gives the illusion that art should be seen in a sterile environment, not contaminated by the outside world.

In the 1960’s a group of British scientists did a candy experiment. They put a 4-year-old in a room with a marshmallow. They then left the room, promising the child one more marshmallow, if he could wait to eat it for 15 minutes.

This experiment was tried out all over the world, and always with the same result; Only one out of three waited for the extra marshmallow. With this in mind we made GAGO a gallery for instant satisfaction. As a marshmallow, we’re not refined, only momentarily desirable.


galleri-godteri godteri2

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